I love restoring old photos, I'm sure you will love the results

Old photos can hold some precious memories but over time they can fade. They can lose detail, collect mould and become scratched and torn. Let me return them to their former glory. 

When I examine photos enlarged on my computer screen it’s like going back in time. Faces and places somehow look familiar. It’s a privilege to restore wonderful old photos. I make corrections manually on computer. It is time consuming but best for restoration. 


Here is a list of services I can provide.

  • Damaged photo recovery
  • Restoring faded photos
  • Recreating missing sections
  • Remove spotting or moulds

  • Repairing cracks, rips & creases
  • Removing discolouration
  • Blemish removing
  • Black and white to colour
  • Altering the size of an old image

    Simple restoration

    £30.00 - £40.00

    Here is an example of a simple restoration project. It involved restoring faded areas and bringing back detail and contrast.
    - Minor fade corrections
    - Contrast adjustments
    - Minor dust and scratch removal
    - Sharpening detail

    Complex restoration

    £45.00 - £75.00

    This photograph has been folded, creased and scratched. Faults were repaired through careful retouching.

    - Small facial area corrections
    - Moderate mould damage repairs
    - Large creases and scratches removal
    - Some rebuilding and object enhancement

    Restoration and colour

    £80.00 - £100.00

    In this 1908 photo much detail has faded away. After complex restoration colour was applied to bring the picture to life.
    - Complex restoration and rebuilding of missing areas
    - Colours referenced from research into period dress
    - Manual application of colour on computer, no instant colouring apps used here!

    What people say

    “They look great, and what you propose will be wonderful.  I’m sure my family will be amazed. You have done a superb job, I will be able to send them off to my cousins and sister”

    Mary Harrison, Little Milton

    I am really pleased with the photo. You brought the faded old photo of the group of people outside my house to life. They are now characters with real personalities rather than just faded old images. Thank you for doing a great job”

    Wendy Harbottle, Great Milton